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Abuhav Synagogue 2
My inspiration comes from the land of Israel, its synagogues, majestic landscapes, artistic doorways and alleyways. Choose from either high quality photographs or canvas prints in a variety of sizes. A perfect gift for yourself, your home or the Israel lover in your life. 


For framed photographs contact me.

Abuhav Synagogue 2

  • This is a photograph taken from the womans balcony of the 500 year old Abuhav Synagogue in Safed.  The turquoise bima (platform) is in the middle, as is traditional in Sephardi synagogues.  Along the Southern Wall facing Jerusalem are three arks that contain the Torah scrolls.  One of them is over 500 years old (possibly the oldest Torah scroll in existence that is still kosher!) and was written by Rabbi Abuhav himself, a 16th century Kabbalist from Spain. We still read from that scroll 3 times a year.